Meet Sally

The next-generation personal assistant for your busy life

Sally is your AI-powered personal assistant who schedules your meetings as well as a traditional assistant – at a fraction of the cost

How To Start Using Sally, Your New Personal Assistant

Step 1 - Open a Meet Sally account by entering your email address above

Step 2 - Provide Sally with access to your calendar

Step 3 - Start CC’ing to arrange meetings immediately

Get your priorities straight! Let Sally schedule all of your meetings so you can get more important work done…

Have Sally set up a phone call with a potential client

After all the back and forth, Sally even enters the phone call into your calendar!

Since you Cc’d Sally, she takes over all of your calendar coordination…

Sally continues to follow up no matter how many times it takes to schedule that phone call

Until the meeting is settled

Sally follows up just like any great personal assistant would!

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