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Meet Sally

Hi, I’m Sally, the next-generation assistant. I help busy people like you save time. Let’s face it – scheduling meetings is time consuming. Finding a time to meet requires endless back-and-forth emails. And last-minute schedule changes are bound to happen.

That’s where I come in. Cc me on an email chain and I’ll find a meeting time that works for everyone involved. I handle the back-and-forth emails so you don’t have to. I even send out a calendar invite and manage any last-minute schedule changes.
Work Smart. Get Sally.


You’re 60 seconds away
from having your own
scheduling assistant

Open a Meet Sally account

Provide Sally with access to your calendar

Start Cc’ing on emails
and Sally will take it from there

Aura BrooksHR Manager

“I was struggling to keep my schedule organised and due to this missed a number of meetings! Meet Sally not only kept me on track, it streamlined my working schedule, too!
Would highly recommend if you’re in need of a PA!”

Eve CrawfordCEO

“Sally has saved me so much time! After a week of using her I totally forgot that she wasn’t actually a real person sat on the other side of the email, booking my meetings and setting up my calls, as it’s so natural just to copy her into my emails. Thanks Sally!”

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc

“I thought it might take a while to get used to communicating with Sally however my trust was rapidly gained and now I couldn't imagine working without her. She has saved me hours of time, and I have received great feedback from my clients too! ”

Zak ReidManaging Director

“Using meet sally has been great for my business, saving me lots of valuable time. Before my schedules were all over the show juggling multiple meetings. I find it really easy to use and it keeps me on time with email calendar alerts.”

Mario CastellonCEO & CPA, Castellon Professional Services

“Since utilizing Sally over the past few months, she has developed into an integral member of our team and interface with clients. Her interaction with team members is concise and efficient. With clients, she is highly responsive and surprisingly efficient in offering solutions to various issues including scheduling and restaurant recommendations. Look forward to continuing to work with Sally and further integrate her into Castellon Professional Services business model.”

Channel Your Attention towards Important Tasks with Sally

Get all the elements of your professional life organized with Sally---your intuitive virtual personal assistant. Sally can set up meetings for you by offloading your tremendous burden of checking multiple back-and-forth emails.

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